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What Resources Are Available to Help Veterans Start a Business?

Today, an estimated 2.5 million businesses are veteran majority-owned. If you want to join their ranks, taking advantage of available resources is wise. That way, you can get the support you need to make your goals a reality. If you … Continue reading

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Les souvenirs de Viet-nam (1)

Sunday musings  Sometimes things I order from Amazon, perhaps a T-shirt or a kitchen towel, are tagged “Made in Vietnam.”  Here we are, decades later, and only God knows how many humans were killed during the Vietnam War, and afterward.  … Continue reading

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VA’s new Patient-Centered Community Care program (PCCC)

Are the days of VA secret-appointment lists over with the new private-VA health-care partnerships? Will vets really get access to primary care providers close to home eliminating long wait times? A VA press release (8/13/14) announced contracts with Healthnet and Tri-West … Continue reading

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Veterans everywhere would be remiss if they didn’t thank the VA for saving more money. Always one to squeeze the proverbial penny, the VA is at it again. This time they switched from Mapquest to Bing to determine the distance … Continue reading

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1961 Babies and Breadwinners civilian polio vaccinations with jet-guns (MUNJIs)

Part II:  View a black and white CDC documentary film (about 10 minutes) which shows how mass vaccinations were administered in Columbus, Georgia in 1961. The arm of the patient was wiped, not the jet gun nozzle.  No hand hygiene. … Continue reading

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From the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Memorial VARO in  Portland As many years as I have been doing this, there is always someone such as Mr. Lewis and Clark here who tries to imply that just because he filed in … Continue reading

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VA “Maps” and “How to get away with crime?”

What is the The easiest way to ripoff the VA and not be prosecuted?  Do it from the “inside”, not the outside,  as either a VA employee, or contractor.     I thought the VAOIG’s job was to “protect” Veterans, … Continue reading

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Before I begin, I would like it known that Michigan Bob has given us a new 2011 VBM. As for the title above, I know that looks like a misprint and I was floored to read it myself. Nevertheless, right there on … Continue reading

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