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For poisoned Viktor Yushchenko, the dioxin vehicle was Rice a la Agent Orange

The former president of Ukraine survived a 2004 poisoning by his enemies.  The poison was a form of dioxin known to many readers on Asknod: After Yushchenko fell seriously ill following a dinner in Kiev in September 2004, doctors found … Continue reading

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In 30 Minutes 1900 Hrs Eastern   347-237-4819 plus the number 1  

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BVA–METAVIR SCALE PREVAILS More importantly, in a June 2017 opinion, Dr. PC considered illicit drug use and found that given the Veteran’s illness presentation, he likely contracted hepatitis at the time of service. Dr. PC explained that most patients with hepatitis C … Continue reading

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The good news is a radio show is scheduled for next Thursday, the 26th of April at the same Bat time (1600 Hrs Local or 1900 on the (L)east Coast) and the same Bat channel . We’ll be discussing … Continue reading

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Every once in a while you meet a guy who needs some help and you agree to be his huckleberry. He files and loses as we all do or we wouldn’t have sites like this. It’s a right of passage. … Continue reading

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I always roam around and look at classic cases like Larry DeLisio’s. It does no good to simply cite to it if you can’t remember old Larry’s particular DeeeeLemma. And boy howdy did Larry have a dilemma. When you throw … Continue reading

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People have emailed me and even cornered me down at Walt’s in my favorite place- the meat section, of course. It’s like watching meat TV. My best friend in the world, Ray Paul, is the head butcher there. Vets have … Continue reading

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Great veteran lawyers at work

Some very good news. From Stars and Stripes– and the ever-watchful Tom Philpott, Vet lawyers got desired ‘undiagnosed pain’ case to win on appeal (LINK). The truth and fairness lawyers:  Atty. Mel Botswick, partner at the law firm Orrick, Herrington and … Continue reading

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Well, this is a first. I haven’t had my birthday hit on Easter Sunday since back in 1956 when I was knee high to a 9 oz. bottle of Schlitz. In our family, we always get together for Easter and … Continue reading

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