VA Forms Word timeline:

Microword chrono

Microword photo document for evidence submittal

VA claim PHOTO form (1) To insert photo, choose insert in upper left of M/S Word and click on picture. Leave cursor where you want the top left corner of photo to start on the page. We also suggest you download a ruler and print it in centimeters.  Print your name and SSN on the ruler and hold it in the photo to authenticate it. Here’s a free link:

Click below for the PDF downloadable forms from VA that you may need: required as of 24 March 2015

Remember, regardless of what you download here, the new VBMS really wants to see the newer forms with the little boxes on them to capture the data more easily. Look at the VA Form 21-0958 facsimile and the small boxes. If you send anything new in from now on (after March 25th, 2015), you need to use the newest forms available or the VBMS will choke and puke on it.


Standard Form 180 – Request Pertaining to Military Records

VA Form 21-526 – Veteran’s Application For Compensation And/Or Pension

VA Form 526ez for new filings from now on. Mail to Intake Centers

VA form 527EZ  for Pensions based on NSC.

VA Form 10-5345 – Request for and Authorization to Release Medical Records or Health Information

VA Form 21-4138X – Statement in Support of Claim

VA Form 21-4142 – Authorization and Consent to Release Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

 VA Form 21-8940 for Total Disability for Individual Unemployment

VA Form 21-22A – Appointment of Individual as Claimant’s Representative

VA Form 4597 – Board of Veterans’ Appeals Notice

VA Form 1-646 – Statement of Accredited Representation in Appealed Case

VA Form 9 – Appeal to Board of Veterans’ Appeals

VA Form 21-2680 Aid and Attendance /Housebound 

VA Form 10-0383  Catastrophic Disability determination request

Here’s the new Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) for hepatitis:


Agent Orange Specific diseases

Diabetes Mellitus 2 DBQ

Ischemic Heart Disease DBQ



VA Stressors form VAF 21-0781

All DBQs


DBQs by symptom


VA Travel Voucher forms–

VA Form 10-3542 Reimbursement for Travel 

Travel pay Vouchers


Classified Missions that require information for substantiation of VA claims (FAST Letter 09-52). Attached is Microsoft Word attachment for SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces who have signed Nondisclosure agreements which prevent them from discussing  missions/actions in which they were injured.


Newest to the stable, the Form 21-0958 specifically for Notice of Disagreement

and here’s the .pdf fill out version. Now legally required as of 24 March 2015


VA §5103 Waiver of Review in .pdf

VA 5103 VCAA Waiver of Review

Request form for C-files

C-file request form And the newer one-Form 3288 which came out in June 2014. The law dogs say this is the best one because the pukes up in Cheeseville, Wisconsin can even figure it out.

VA Form 21-2680 for request for medical exam for SMC-S/Aid and /Attendance

Application for starting Independent Living Program. VA Form 28-1900.

Proof of mailing USPS Form 3817 is here. The Common Law Mailbox Rules says we must prove we mailed something to the VA. This is the $1.30 repair order if you are too poor to use the “green card” showing certified mail return receipt requested ((CM-3R)


USPS Form 3817

4 Responses to VA Forms

  1. Danny W says:

    how you doing my brother. This is d y mean USMC I was looking for the website that I looked up claims in the past on. They were different dockets from all over the country of decisions that have already been rendered. How do I get back to that site. Thank you for the great work that you do

  2. Anne Go says:

    Thanks for sharing the links. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a “ VA Form 21-8940”,I found a blank fillable form here:

  3. Leonard says:

    I was infected in 1976 through air gun, or one of the two Gama Globin shots I had, or in 1978 when I had surgery in Seoul Korea. I have never sniffed cocaine through a straw, or anything else. No other risk factors apply. The bottom line is; the Army killed my liver, and now my liver is killing me. My claim is filed, the VFW is my advocate, and the United States Government needs to take responsibility. They are asking me to file medical evidence that is under their nose. The VA diagnosed me last year, they sent me for a biopsy, and my service medical records (requested over a year ago) have still not arrived. I hope someone will grow a conscience, and do what is right.

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