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Two nexus letters are a powerful pair to draw to. The VA Examiner came up short because their own M-21 1MR says it very clearly in Part III, Subpart iv. 4.1.2e. We’re coming into a new world of Veterans Law Judges … Continue reading

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Here’s a wonderful vignette to greet Sunday with, folks. Some of us were lucky to have a daughter and enjoy their undying worship of us. My only observation is that this ol’ boy’s wife must have really been pissed to … Continue reading

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Yeppers, folks. I’ve been busy testing and criminal background investigating and PIV carding. I’ve  finally been given the keys to the VBMS henhouse to view my clients’ claims in real time across our Fruited Plains. Seems there are still a … Continue reading

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I’ll let you be the judge and the jury on this one. What do you do with a cabinet-level political appointee who breaks the law? Let’s put aside the sandbox politics and look at this as adults. You’re appointed to … Continue reading

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A veteran-friendly law school in Florida + + +

The necessity for legal expertise and knowledge when dealing with the VA is by now obvious to readers of ASKNOD.  For veterans and others who are considering a law degree, the small Ave Maria School of Law (LINK) is somewhat … Continue reading

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They say the third time is the charm. Golly doggie, I’d hope to think so. Judge Bartley kinda got a little hot around the collar on my last foray to try to pour concrete around the  Individualized Independent Living Program … Continue reading

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VA ER care: Staab vs Shulkin. April 8, 2016 is the important date

The Secretary now has an inkling of what it feels like to have a bucket of  excrément  thrown at him by the VA.  I’ve read the VAOIG’s completely one-sided overblown gossipy report (LINK), and his lawyers worthy rebuttal.  Nevertheless, his Chief … Continue reading

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