Joseph Average Veteran contributes this site. Note Smith and Wesson offers a $100 discount on most all rifles, pistols and revolvers . Is that too cool for school or what? And don’t forget that Krispy Kreme donuts now gives a whopping 20% off your purchase. I also notice NAPA auto parts stores are offering mil. discounts as well. Soon we’ll be in 10% high cotton everywhere we go.

Here’s one sent in on golf discounts:

We just found out WallyPark  at Seattle’s SEATAC airport which has long term covered parking offers a  whopping 15% military/Vet discount as well.

During Cupcake’s and my trip to San Antonio, everywhere we went down in New Mexico and Texas offered us Veteran discounts. Restaurants were the most gracious. Too bad that largesse doesn’t seem to percolate to the Northwest.

Here’s another discount asset sent to me recently by Angelica Marie Dela Cruz. I can only surmise she lives down there in Texas to find so many outfits willing to extend a discount to us. VA’s compensation scheme is not extravagant so every little bit helps for us.


  1. Jeff Martin says:

    Empower Pharmacy supports the Men and Women who work in difficult conditions by offering them 25% off on all their compounded medications. Visit for more info.

  2. Wanda Smothers says:

    Lumber liquidators gives a 10% discount

  3. Marty Lavens says:

    Here in Arizona, Lowes and Home Depot give a 10% discount everyday, as long as you ask for it, and produce valid proof. I usually use my VA ID card,and in rare cases I “flash” my AF Retired Military ID. You might want to ask them everywhere when “checking out”. Also I get discounts at Denney’s Restaurants and make it habit wherever I do business. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco do NOT offer any discounts. It never hurts to ask.

  4. jimpaukert says:

    These are TNTC. Lowe’s and Home Depot are well-known (10% off almost everything, for all vets on certain holidays, Active/Reserve/Ret any time). Others you need to scout out (AutoZone, Sur La Table, e.g.). Discounts are everywhere, never hurts to ask. Smith and Wesson are fine patriots.

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