Joseph Average Veteran contributes this site. Note Smith and Wesson offers a $100 discount on most all rifles, pistols and revolvers . Is that too cool for school or what? And don’t forget that Krispy Kreme donuts now gives a whopping 20% off your purchase. I also notice NAPA auto parts stores are offering mil. discounts as well. Soon we’ll be in 10% high cotton everywhere we go.

Here’s one sent in on golf discounts:

We just found out WallyPark  at Seattle’s SEATAC airport which has long term covered parking offers a  whopping 15% military/Vet discount as well.


  1. Marty Lavens says:

    Here in Arizona, Lowes and Home Depot give a 10% discount everyday, as long as you ask for it, and produce valid proof. I usually use my VA ID card,and in rare cases I “flash” my AF Retired Military ID. You might want to ask them everywhere when “checking out”. Also I get discounts at Denney’s Restaurants and make it habit wherever I do business. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco do NOT offer any discounts. It never hurts to ask.

  2. jimpaukert says:

    These are TNTC. Lowe’s and Home Depot are well-known (10% off almost everything, for all vets on certain holidays, Active/Reserve/Ret any time). Others you need to scout out (AutoZone, Sur La Table, e.g.). Discounts are everywhere, never hurts to ask. Smith and Wesson are fine patriots.

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