1961 Babies and Breadwinners civilian polio vaccinations with jet-guns (MUNJIs)

jet gun

Part II thumbnail

Part II:  View a black and white CDC documentary film (about 10 minutes) which shows how mass vaccinations were administered in Columbus, Georgia in 1961.

The arm of the patient was wiped, not the jet gun nozzle.  No hand hygiene.  No personal protection equipment.  Outdoor stations.   Infectious disease potential for cross-contamination age range: infants to children to adults.  

Watch part 2 first.    Part 1 covers optional planning background but Bozo the clown gets his shot in Part 1.



These jet-gun immunizations for polio were taking place all over America.  And this is the real reason why the CDC now recommends that baby boomers (born 1945-1965), who  have a higher percentage of HCV, get tested for it.  However, this cohort needs to be expanded to cover all populations that were exposed to dirty jet-guns (military and for swine-flu campaigns) until the unsanitary practice was discontinued after HIV/AIDS was recognized.

Note: You can download the video to your computer in different file formats and burn to a CD-ROM or save to a flash drive. Part II has been downloaded over 4,000 times.

Luckily, I was given my polio vaccination by my pediatrician with a syringe (I assume with a single-use vial).  Who should see Part II?  VSO representatives? Your young doctor? Secretary Erik? Your senator?  All 60 +/- BVA judges? 

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1 Response to 1961 Babies and Breadwinners civilian polio vaccinations with jet-guns (MUNJIs)

  1. randy says:

    The original intent for the mass innoculations was a good idea at the time but it really fell short with not teaching the correct methods of sanitization. I copied the shortcut and sent it off to Obamas website calling it what it was .. a national disgrace.

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