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Here’s a great article that takes a critical look at you and your c&p examiner who makes that million dollar decision. What he doesn’t know about the military is what will sink your claim. This is a “Nexus Bible” for … Continue reading

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Just when we thought ol’ Laura was going to quietly fade away in her new digs over at VA’s Human Resources, lightning strikes again. It’s sad to think that any VA employee would spend their time ruminating on how to … Continue reading

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No hygiene for the recruit masses

Silvia’s jetgun photos, quotes from HCVets Tricia Lupole and in an excellent article by Paul Harashim,  Jet guns should be a recognized risk factor for hepatitis C, (Las Vegas  Review Journal, 2/25/17) will be appreciated by NOD readers (Link).  He … Continue reading

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Received from the Oorah contingent (who else?) this morning is an interesting commentary on the relative intelligence of Officers versus Non-Commissioned Officers. Far too often, the commands come down from above in “Make it so, Numbah One!” format. This has to … Continue reading

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The miracles of technology amaze. Think of this. A  a combo defibrillator/pacemaker all-in-one with a ten to thirteen year battery. In by ten- out by one- after the Versed wears off. Sounds like a Chinese Dry Cleaners. It weighs a … Continue reading

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As most know by now, PEOTUS Trump has anointed David Shulkin to the post. Shulkin is McDonald’s #2 in charge of Medical or VHA as they acronymize it. This is the equal rank of the Undersecretary for Benefits over at … Continue reading

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Good WHO hepatitis poster

The World Health Organization and other non-American public health professionals are far more forthright about hepatitis information. Notice that unsafe injections and medical procedures are emphasized in this work. Of course, most laypeople have no way of knowing if they … Continue reading

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