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Happy New Year

The count down to the Times Square traditional ball dropping will begin soon.  I think this photograph on Instagram is a cheerful sight.  The New Year has already been welcomed in many parts of the world and our U. S. Eastern … Continue reading

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Well, what an honor. John and Jerrell have invited me to be the last guest of the year on Hadit radio show series. I am honored. Remarkably, I also report tomorrow to the Seattle Regional Office for my official photo … Continue reading

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…the night before Christmas and not everyone is home with family, including thousands in the active military.  Perhaps the most unique group of Americans away from home this week are the International Space Station (ISS) crew members on Mission 54.  … Continue reading

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Like some amazing chimera, my greenhouse always seemed to be just over the horizon, following completion of that absolute last Performance Work Statement or awaiting final approval from my BFF Jack Kammerer-head of VRE Services Central Office. And boy howdy, … Continue reading

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Great song to describe 56th SOW who flew out of NKP. Sandys (or Spads), were an integral part of our Search and Rescue (SAR) because their on-station time of four hours exceeded anything we had. For some reason, post WWII, … Continue reading

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Interesting topics

Silvia and Frank have forwarded links to some research and news items that are relevant to our concerns at asknod. From Silvia, this 2009-2007 report is about jet guns (or jet injectors, if you prefer) written from an animal health … Continue reading

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Boy howdy do I ever wish I’d found out about these little “judicial anchors” when I first set sail on my VA claims adventures in 1989. Actually, it’s sad to find them so rarely used by those in the legal … Continue reading

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1967 Jet gun recruit parade and other images

Finally, some images that Silvia emailed a while ago, I can now post. THIS IS A GRAPHIC color photo.  These large gaping wounds are the result of serious injuries. VIETNAM, 1967. 8TH FIELD AMBULANCE. A SHRAPNEL WOUND BEFORE DEBRIDING (REMOVAL … Continue reading

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