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VA “Secure” Messaging–major cloud fail or worse?

My husband asked me to send a message via myHealthy vet to his VA PC doc about something he is waiting for from the Physical Therapy department.  This screenshot was the first warning that all was not well with the … Continue reading

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I saw an article on the Khe Sanh Golf and Country Club Grand opening this AM. January 21st, two days before the start of Tet ’68, all hell broke lose up in NW Quảng Tri province. It was about as … Continue reading

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Prominent NYU nephrologist takes an interest in Agent Orange (AO)

The FASEB Journal, 1 April, 2014   April 1, 2014  Publisher:  Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology  (The photo below is from a different interesting project.) Dr. Jerome Lowenstein wrote a well-rounded essay, Agent Orange and Heart Disease: Is There a Connection? (LINK to … Continue reading

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Sunday evening–shutdown woes

Here we go again.  The last shutdown rested with the GOP tea party.  Now it’s the Dems refusing to fund the CR because of their Dreamers cause, as Sen. Blumenthal recently spoke to.   Last night I did my civic duty … Continue reading

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I received an email from one of our members further illuminating what constitutes an unequivocal definition of the noun ‘shithole’. Forgive me the scatological associations of the word and focus  your memories on how utterly primative 11 Bravos’ existence once … Continue reading

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Former PFC Bradley Edward Manning, now Pvt. Chelsea Elizabeth Manning due to significant ‘gender dysphoria’, has announced her run for a US Senate Seat from Maryland. The former Oklahoma native has recently established legal residence in North Bethesda and it … Continue reading

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I belong to very few organizations and for good reason. Any time you attach your name to a group, you embody that group’s beliefs and aspirations. I hight three. I belong to the National Organization of Veterans Advocates, the National … Continue reading

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I read a lot of claims and appeals to better understand and absorb VA law. I often ascribe an apt analogy to a VA claim- it’s a recipe- just like baking cookies. You would never go off the reservation and … Continue reading

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Great Police song. I was humming it when I went in to the Seattle Regional Office last Thursday to report for fingerprinting and my Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) check. I told the gal doing the fingerprinting that the OGC had … Continue reading

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