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As is customary, I wait until the last moment to inform you of an event. Such is the disease of putitoffuntillaterism. I hate that when that happens. This afternoon I’d like to discuss several subjects to include herbicide exposure in … Continue reading

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2017 VA Co-payment requirement chart

This fact sheet (January 2017) and includes Camp Lejeune diseases in Priority 6. Annual income limits for heath care benefits and prescriptions are based on Priority Groups.  See link to income limits below.  Click images to read. Go to this … Continue reading

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Leaking or FOIA Requests?

Frank sends us links to a series of quality ProPublica articles, published with The Virginian-Pilot, about the on-going scourge of Agent Orange. A webpage titled Reliving Agent Orange (Link), links to numerous articles about Agent Orange and their lawsuit (12/16/16) … Continue reading

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As CAVC cases go, this is a horrible retread. So much so that they didn’t even deign to give it a panel. Jurisprudence that is this defective should not be permitted to see daylight-let alone twice. I am all for … Continue reading

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In Vietnam, during a firefight, the most awesome sound a wounded man could hope to hear was that of a Huey Dustoff coming in regardless of the danger. When our troops were wounded, we didn’t have the luxury of time. … Continue reading

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No, we didn’t channel Adrian Cronauer. He’s still alive and well to my knowledge. I was asked by Marti Oakley to do a radio show this hallowed morning to discuss the evolving heritage of the vanishing Vietnam Veteran and the … Continue reading

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Vet forced to go off DMII meds to prove he has it

Nurses have told us that DMII is a chronic condition; that once you have it, you always have it.  And to never go off the restricted diet or risk suffering terrible side effects.   When we lived in a senior … Continue reading

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