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First of all, I wish to state that I am a person of color in addition to being an American citizen. I’ve been wanting to say that ever since they reminted the word ‘racist’. Look in the mirror. We are … Continue reading

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Once I discovered the recipe to VA claims, I set out to teach others. I started this website in 2008 expressly for that purpose. I have taught, and discoursed endlessly on the need for a true, well-constructed Independent Medical Opinion … Continue reading

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“Bombs in your Back Yard” series by ProPublica

Frank has forwarded information to us about ProPublica’s series, “Bombs in Our Backyards.” (LINK)  This work sheds light on the dangerous environmental practices the DOD has been dealing with.   On May 7, 2018, ProPublica’s Abrahm Lustgarten writes: Get an Inside Look at … Continue reading

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VA Emergency Care good news: Staab v Sec. Shulkin

Thanks to Frank’s helpful eyeballs, I have some good news to report about the veteran emergency care benefit that has been withheld since 2010. Sec. Shulkin has had a change of heart.  Last week he held that the Staab case … Continue reading

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In an interesting twist, President-elect Trump’s transition team, flummoxed by recent refusals of top-dog choices for VA Secretary, have decided to dig down deeper in the barrel for ‘real’ experience. Beginning tomorrow, Trump’s transition team will begin interviews with several … Continue reading

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VA rats fighting emergency care CAVC ruling: Richard W. Staab v. Robert A. McDonald

The financial shocks that VHA-enrolled veterans face when they find out that none of their emergency care claims will be covered, if they have Medicare or private insurance, is of no ethical concern to the VA.  The National Veterans Legal Services … Continue reading

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Maple Syrup Frank, in addition to annually sending me about enough of Vermont’s highest octane of elixir to fill a drop tank, also mails me an inordinate number of articles of, or having to do with, the VA. This is fortunate because … Continue reading

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Ah, my stars. Look how time flies. Spring is only moments away and the greenhouse I anticipated is nowhere on the horizon. No, joking aside, folks, VR&E SES’s were put on notice September 4th, 2015 that they were going to have … Continue reading

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It’s a good thing my VA researcher in Vermont, Maple Frank, is not named Bernie or there would be all manner of confusion. Frank has his ear to the ground in constant search of Mickey D’s doings at all times. … Continue reading

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Maple syrup Frank sent me the good news that VA had “refired” Diana Reubens and her Tupperware® sidekick Kimberly Graves. Imagine the woes of having to suddenly play second fiddle in Houston with everyone laughing behind your back. That’s Diana’s … Continue reading

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