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Shingrix vaccine available at some VA clinics now

My old Marine requested and received his first Shingrix (Zoster Vaccine Recombinant, Adjuvanted) shot, the new vaccine for shingles, at the VA Burlington Clinic in Vermont.  It’s injected into a muscle so expect some soreness. Two shots are needed. Shingrix … Continue reading

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Five stunning DOD photos by future vets

  Presented are one recent image from the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Army and Marines.  They each show great artistry in the way they portray the very different scenes they have captured.   The curvy Raptor is almost Rubenesque–one can’t … Continue reading

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I apologize for such short notice. Blame it on a balky CITRIX VBMS connection. Trust ol’ VA to buy the Cheapo Depot™ computer program to underpin a huge national VBMS computer linking VACO to its 56 minions scattered across the … Continue reading

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“Bombs in your Back Yard” series by ProPublica

Frank has forwarded information to us about ProPublica’s series, “Bombs in Our Backyards.” (LINK)  This work sheds light on the dangerous environmental practices the DOD has been dealing with.   On May 7, 2018, ProPublica’s Abrahm Lustgarten writes: Get an Inside Look at … Continue reading

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Camp Lejeune–private doctors are unaware

My old Marine got the poison-toxins double-whammy during his military  service–Agent Orange and at Camp Lejeune . We know AO has caused damage;  CL has been on our radar due to posts on Asknod, various news reports and the registry. … Continue reading

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Jez. Somebody call up the DAV at St. Pete’s pronto and tell this guy he’s a chicken dinner winner if he gets in touch with me. I read this one and just about choked on my coffee. Pretty sleazy rater … Continue reading

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We’ve come a long way, baby. I began teaching this exact procedure to win in 2007:  If your only risk was drinking beer and smoking pot, everyone would have it…

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