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The house that Donald built…

will not include Dr. David Shulkin.  He was fired last night as most readers already know.  Some say “Good riddance” and others are very worried.  Dr. Shulkin is upset and is talking about what he believes is a political move … Continue reading

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Potassium conundrum

My old Marine has been undergoing various tests to determine the cause (s) of his current gut problems; no answers yet.  Along the way, he has been warned about recent high blood pressure spikes and kidney function problems which include … Continue reading

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VA ER care: Staab vs Shulkin. April 8, 2016 is the important date

The Secretary now has an inkling of what it feels like to have a bucket of  excrément  thrown at him by the VA.  I’ve read the VAOIG’s completely one-sided overblown gossipy report (LINK), and his lawyers worthy rebuttal.  Nevertheless, his Chief … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

The count down to the Times Square traditional ball dropping will begin soon.  I think this photograph on Instagram is a cheerful sight.  The New Year has already been welcomed in many parts of the world and our U. S. Eastern … Continue reading

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…the night before Christmas and not everyone is home with family, including thousands in the active military.  Perhaps the most unique group of Americans away from home this week are the International Space Station (ISS) crew members on Mission 54.  … Continue reading

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1967 Jet gun recruit parade and other images

Finally, some images that Silvia emailed a while ago, I can now post. THIS IS A GRAPHIC color photo.  These large gaping wounds are the result of serious injuries. VIETNAM, 1967. 8TH FIELD AMBULANCE. A SHRAPNEL WOUND BEFORE DEBRIDING (REMOVAL … Continue reading

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Remember that time when you got caught misbehaving and you told a fib to get out of it? And then you fibbed some more to cover the first fib until you came around in a Mobius Loop where the fibs … Continue reading

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