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There’s nothing like having your Congressman invested in his Veterans. Luckily for me, my good friends in that local department have more Veterans per square mile than the average bear. If we take Representative Derek Kilmer’s area of congressional coverage, … Continue reading

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What are the odds you could ever find two Veterans, of two entirely different wars no less, who VA had somehow shortchanged out of years and years of compensation. Granted, towards the end they were munificent beyond belief in actually … Continue reading

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Virologist explains: jet-injectors and needles spread HCV

I posted this TEDMED talk by Nathan Wolfe on ASKNOD in 2013. Dr. Wolfe provides an overview of how epidemiologists look at historical events and conditions to understand pandemics and epidemics.  His slides and talk were not aligned and he … Continue reading

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1964–When I was about 13, I’d listen to my friend’s brothers who’d recently returned from Vietnam. Tales of rain, more rain, deprivation, jungle rot and fanatic Viet Cong insurgents who would even blow themselves up on occasion were the subject. Not … Continue reading

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Ben Krause’s research

Benjamin Krause, JD has posted some interesting data he received using a FOIA request. Topic: information about utilization of the VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VocRehab) self-employment program across ROs. There are 9-pages in all and he highlights the best and the worst … Continue reading

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Jet injector multi-dose vial image

Silvia sends us this picture of multi-dose vials from Wyeth, Merck and Parke.  They were manufactured for jet injectors to deliver 50 doses per vial.  If patient 1 was a blood-borne pathogen carrier, whose blood entered the vial, the next … Continue reading

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Phoenix Phred, a fellow asknod member recalls a good joke. Nothing like a de novo review of humor. I just wish the aviator had been a Navy or Marine puke. Air Force pilots rarely get sucked in to these predicaments- especially at … Continue reading

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VIP Twitter chat on liver cancer next week

Anyone who tweets may want to get a few in at this online event.  Attendees include lots of VIPs…but no VVA or other vet groups. Know Hepatitis: Reduce Liver Cancer Risk and Join a Liver Cancer Awareness Twitter Chat Tuesday, … Continue reading

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We need to talk about multi-dose vials

Then and now There seems to have been no consideration for infection control with regard to the use of multi-dose vials in the military in previous decades. Hence the massive outbreak of blood-borne pathogen infections we see in our veteran … Continue reading

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My very own Vietnam-era syringes

Inspired by Silvia’s HCV-transmissionable medical devices online shopping trips, I purchased two vintage syringes (with no needles) and they arrived today.  Below are the eBay images and my two. No CDC “one and only one” injection practices in those days. … Continue reading

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