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Member Randy (always in good standing) has finally cut the ILP Gordian knot with the Denver VR&E krewe. After years of spewing misinformation and Catch 22 jargon at him, they finally realized he’s read Chapter 21 of 38 CFR and … Continue reading

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The miracles of technology amaze. Think of this. A  a combo defibrillator/pacemaker all-in-one with a ten to thirteen year battery. In by ten- out by one- after the Versed wears off. Sounds like a Chinese Dry Cleaners. It weighs a … Continue reading

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  From the Hallowed Entry Point into Heaven at the VA’s St. Petersburg Gate…   Much has been recently discussed about how many jetgun Hepatitis C claims have been won at the BVA where we can see a win-be it on … Continue reading

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Butch Long’s DRO review couldn’t be on a more auspicious occasion than February 22nd. Not only is it George Washington’s birthday but also the day a friend passed away just north of Vientiane from what I heard. I was still … Continue reading

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Can you imagine if Walgreen’s™ or CVS’™ pharmacists were helping themselves to the Hydromorphone and Oxycontin at franchise stores across the fruited plain what an uproar would ensue? The DEA would be in high gear in a week and be … Continue reading

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Tomorrow afternoon here on the Left Coast at 1600 Local or 1900 Hrs for you on the Easterly portion of the U.S., Jerrel Cook and the Hadit family will once again be allowing me to discourse on the pros and … Continue reading

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  Put on the skillet, slip on the lid, Mama’s gonna make a little short’nin’ bread. That ain’t all she’s gonna do, Mama’s gonna make a little coffee, too. What an auspicious day for a Decision Review Officer (DRO) Hearing. … Continue reading

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2017 VA Co-payment requirement chart

This fact sheet (January 2017) and includes Camp Lejeune diseases in Priority 6. Annual income limits for heath care benefits and prescriptions are based on Priority Groups.  See link to income limits below.  Click images to read. Go to this … Continue reading

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Lejeune final rule: March 14, 2017

Frank brings this update about, as NOD has called it, “Camp NoWay, N.C..”    VETERANS’ CORNER: VA establishes service connection to eight diseases (Article link)  “The presumption of service connection applies to active duty, reserve and National Guard members who served at … Continue reading

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