VA “Maps” and “How to get away with crime?”

What is the The easiest way to ripoff the VA and not be prosecuted?  Do it from the “inside”, not the outside,  as either a VA employee, or contractor.     I thought the VAOIG’s job was to “protect” Veterans, not “prosecute” them.  Yep.  If you want to rip the VA off, then do it right and become an employee or contractor.

No, this is not an article on “how to” commit a crime and get away with it.

Instead, its a “Why” VA employees get away with murder, while Vets are prosecuted for much lesser crimes?   This trend makes one wonder where this comes from.  Is it from the bottom?   In addition to “blaming Veterans” for the VA woes, the VA loves to blame junior employees.

Ok. You Don’t beleive our VA would do “this” to our Veterans they are supposed to be serving?  Neither did I.

Here are a few VA employees who got off scott free, or, at least their “spankings” were not widely published:

Here VA employees in Detroit, in order to deceive management “hid” Veterans claims instead of processing them.

This article shows a “map” of Veterans “ripped off” by VA employees who “contracted” with their “favorite” thugs to steal money from Vets.  The VA does an extensive and complex  check on Veterans to ensure Vets are entitled to benefits, but their fiduciaries?  No criminal checks are necessary or desired.   Smells like a “payoff” to me.

Oh, but if you are a Veteran...expect the VA to throw you in jail and throw away the key, for what its VA employees do regularly.

While I am not condoning the stealing of our government’s (or Veterans) money, these Vets stole, perhaps, $36,000.  Peanuts.  Insider theft is hundreds and hundreds of millions or, more likely, billions.  Remember this is just ONE vA conference.  It does not appear the others were investigated.  Can someone explain why Vets allegedly stealing a mere 36 grand are prosecuted, while VA  employee crooks abscond with millions and go free?

This VA executive was caught shredding Vets evidence and got “promoted” to VA Central Office, instead of being prosecuted.

All of this makes me wonder just “WHO” does the VA really represent?  Its employees or its Veterans?

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