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I’d add our day “in the sun” but it’s pouring down rain here and probably will be until next June. That’s our secret weapon against all those hoards of Californites who contemplate moving here but don’t… due to the weather … Continue reading

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Wowser. What a year so far. I just had the ultimate letdown. I saw my Cardio doctor Monday for an annual checkup. I shared with him that I’d had a hard time swearing off bacon in the last year or … Continue reading

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Yet another Veterans Day story in the “pages of our war” lives. This one hits closer to home for me on several different levels. I wish to introduce you to Ray from Texas. Once upon a time, Ray served over … Continue reading

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The Color of Kabul—Veteran artists impress

Happy Veterans Day! The VA runs social programs designed to build morale and skills by doing enjoyable things.  One just finished in Kalamazoo, Michigan (Oct. 28 -Nov.3).  It was called the National Veterans Creative Arts Competition and Festival. (LINK) The … Continue reading

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Veterans Day 2018

By some miracle, I’m still alive to celebrate again this year. Thank you Gilead Sciences. With Hepatitis C, that which doesn’t kill you nevertheless kicks the shit out of you forever. I think the same applies to VA health care … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Day, Centenary of WWI 1918-2018

A melange of resources: UK Royal British Legion–Poppy Legion Twitter (Link)–They went all out.  White House Twitter (Link) Battle of Belleau Wood Wikipedia (1–26 June 1918) (Link) White House Flickr photos (Link) VA Twitter (Link) It’s a big weekend in France … Continue reading

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A lot of water has passed under the bridge for Veterans since the 2016  Vets Day parades. Many hopes have been dashed for some resolution on AO presumptives (and presumptees). A week later our spirits rejoice at the thought of  … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Day in DaNang, 2017

Whether veterans are celebrating Veterans’ Day Friday or on Saturday, I hope the holiday is harmonious despite the awful strangeness of having President Trump honor veterans while in DaNang.   It seems like the last place on Earth where our president … Continue reading

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No, we didn’t channel Adrian Cronauer. He’s still alive and well to my knowledge. I was asked by Marti Oakley to do a radio show this hallowed morning to discuss the evolving heritage of the vanishing Vietnam Veteran and the … Continue reading

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As I sit down this morning to put fingers to keyboard, my heart is heavy. Our Country, whom you and I fought to preserve Democracy for, now indulges in a free-for-all of anger and retribution. Internecine warfare is even rending … Continue reading

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