Veterans everywhere would be remiss if they didn’t thank the VA for saving more money. Always one to squeeze the proverbial penny, the VA is at it again. This time they switched from Mapquest to Bing to determine the distance between two points.

After five years, a claim is substantially protected against being reduced. So why not Travel Pay? The distance between my house and American Lake is now being measured like an F-15 flight plan. Cars don’t enjoy this luxury. It suddenly dropped to $17.25 from $27.05 for years. I got fed up and complained but no one ever called me back. Then I got mad. They called and explained that they had been illegally paying me too much but did agree it was truly  $21.25. Unfortunately for Vets, there is a $6.00 per head/ per trip “tithe” (deduction from reality) for VA’s  bonus fund. Only after four visits in a calendar month do you finally get a bye on it. There is no refund for the lost $18.00. You are simply not dinged $6.00 for any subsequent trips that month. The remuneration rate is still 41.5¢ a mile. At 13 miles to a gallon, I burn 4.84 gallons with $21.25 being offered. This makes no remuneration for wear and tear. Sounds like a govt. program to me.

By taking that $6.00, what VA does is reduce the remuneration below the cost of getting there because gas here in the United Soviet Socialist Republic of Washington is just below Hawaii’s. This I don’t understand. Oil comes from Alaska. Alaska oil is happy oil.  The happy oil is refined here. Gas costs $4.00 a gallon. Go to Pennsylvania. Oil comes from Kuwait. Oil is refined in Louisiana. Oil is sold in Pittsburgh for $2.90.

With all the high crimes and Veterans fraud being exposed, the VA should be able to fund the whole US government for a day on what it saves.


Bing! The sound of money leaking out of Vets’ pockets. They should rename it bling.

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  1. dknees4 says:

    Why isn’t travel pay part of the claim?? If your being treated for the “Dread of the Red Mo-got” on the day of your trip…the travel should be part of that claim…!! Duhhhhh

  2. azeejensmom says:

    Sounds like they slipped you the Bada-Bing Robert….

    The calculation of change in our pocket, after VA subtracts the “co-pay” leaves just enough for two cups of Joe, a $5.00 foot long from Subway or better yet, one “Hot and Ready” Little Caesars pizza. Then we stop at the gas station and replace the fuel expended travel round trip and we are left hungry and thirsty once again. But the vehicle is well-nourished.

  3. RobertG says:

    At least you get something for mileage. I still am waiting for my travel pay from BVA hearing last July. For me that’s about 230 miles round trip to Los Angeles RO. No answer on my CUE or appeals means no travel pay too? Have they slipped me the “bing” while I was deep into hurry up and wait?

    • asknod says:

      I seem to remember that when I went to my Travel Board Hearing in April 2011, they specifically told me I would not be reimbursed. I do not think they do so. Sorry to hear this. As Hearing are only held at the RO, how Vets are expected to attend escapes me.

      • RobertG says:

        I was told by the BHIP clerk that the RO does give mileage like all the VAMC’s. However you cannot call them and ask WTF is going on with my pay. If you are denied by any VA office they have to mail you a denial form with reasons stated. I was mailed this letter by the my VAMC stating they do not give mileage for a RO hearing since this is not a doctor appointment listed in their computer. No one will tell the truth here. Or is to stupid to bother…

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