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There’s just nothing like a good All Hallow’s Eve story. This one was brought to me by my East Coast supervisor of VA Justice.  I reckon that was back in Summer 2018. Bruce McCartney is renowned throughout the Southeast States’ … Continue reading

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I love good jokes-especially if I can share them without causing discomfort to my following. This one, sent in by one of those eeeeeeeeeevil Long Range Recon Patrol types with a Silver Star makes the grade. The doctor comes in … Continue reading

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Comp & Pen Exams: What You Need to Know

Throughout the course of your initial claim or appeal, the VA may order you to go to a Compensation & Pension (Comp & Pen) exam. The VA orders these exams to obtain an opinion about the cause and severity of your condition. Here’s some things you need to know to maximize your chances of getting a positive nexus from any examiner. Continue reading

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Les souvenirs de Viet-nam (1)

Sunday musings  Sometimes things I order from Amazon, perhaps a T-shirt or a kitchen towel, are tagged “Made in Vietnam.”  Here we are, decades later, and only God knows how many humans were killed during the Vietnam War, and afterward.  … Continue reading

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38 CFR §3.156(c) is an oft-misconstrued aberration in the adjudication of Veterans claims. I freely admit I read it very broadly to benefit us munificently in the beginning when I first ran across it. The more precedence I read, the … Continue reading

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I do so love flying. Not the crashing part but the actual flying. I have rules. I plan on one more rotary wing foray and then will forswear them for good. A good friend of our Hepatitis C survivors club- … Continue reading

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PICKLES DOB 2/05/2019–2.0

Jez. Pickles gets more mail than I do. She has asked me to make sure you know her personal pronouns are she, her, Hey you, and whatzerbutt. She states she does not identify as transgendered even though she has had … Continue reading

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“Service connection for melioidosis is granted”

Burkholderia pseudomallei, (B. pseudomallei) is a bacteria found mainly in the tropics; it  sickens and kills humans and animals.  Anyone directly exposed to tropical soil and water can become infected if there is an opening in skin; ingestion (food/fluids); inhalation … Continue reading

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