This is a very useful tool for trying to figure out how badly the VA screwed you. It will give you endless entertainment while you wait for a decade for them to sort it out and finally grant your claim.

Capture55And here’s the newest one from Matt Hill over at Hill and Ponton LLC.


  1. ldinlove says:

    Since my case is currently being reviewed by a judge at the BVA, I spent some time running various scenarios on this calculator early this morning.
    Depending on how things turn out with this decision, I may be looking for someone who, like myself, will examine every page of my 2000 page c-file and dismantle every denial in ten different ways and come up with twenty strategies.
    When you have the time and the motivation, you can take a decision and tear it apart legally almost every time – even when they actually try to follow the law. I forgot what my point was.

  2. daniel says:

    I have a claim for incresaed PTSD and IU, the claim goes back to Feb 2, 2011 and my first disability rating was on 7/27/2013 for PTSD 70%, my next rating was on 5/28/2019 for sleep apnea 50%, and my next rating was 9/30/2019 for tinnitus 10%.
    How much would I get in payback?

  3. Henry WWilliams says:

    I was awarded 20% disability August 2013 and now I am awarded 90% 2018 feb how do I calculate my retroactive pay

    • Jen says:

      Were you just increased or was an error made and they are backpaying? If you are being back paid, take your 20% rating pay (different based on your marital and dependent status) and subtract it from the 90% rating pay. Then multiply the difference between the 20% and 90% by the number of months you were told you would be retroactively paid.

      • Robert Sheahan says:

        From what I understand, you must keep you C File open and active every year to get the maximum backpay. It is not automatic and you must ask for it. The VA does no favors when it comes to money!

        • asknod says:

          With no disrespect to Mr. Sheahan, I disagree. This is one of the primary reasons I built my website on this model.
          Correct information is often hard to come by in most Veterans Benefits websites. Incorrect information abounds and harms Veterans in their pursuit of their benefits, as here.
          “Keeping you c file open” is a non sequitur. Anything you do with VA is collected and collated into your file. As for backpay, that would only come into play in a protracted litigation and awarded after a rating decision or appeal outcome.
          Joe Veteran has no way to “keep the file open” as he (Joe Veteran) has no control over his own c file. Ergo, the comment is meaningless and not on point.

  4. apskywalker says:

    Oh yeah I’ve seen this one. Nice calculator. I try (unless I have a question or a confirmed rating pending) not to get into this too much. I have a friend who sits around speculating on future ratings and checking ebenefits daily. I tell her she’s wasting her time and going to drive herself nuts (it’s annoying even listening to it, honestly)

    • asknod says:

      The only thing worse than that is when you go in to DAV and that dickwad pulls out the Cmp. tables and shows you all those big $. If you’re lucky, you get an empty ice cream cone with two scoops of 0% air.

  5. William says:

    Site is 404 does not log in anymore.

    • asknod says:

      Sorry, William. As with all links, they eventually die. I refreshed it and tied it to VVW’s. With luck VVW won’t take it down. Thanks for the heads up.

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