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I love ol’ Ed. He’s from Winner, South Dakota. They must not have much to do there but collect jokes and send them to me. I get about 10 a day. Maybe it’s just a Corona thing and it’ll blow … Continue reading

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Greetings from the Graham ménagerie-now only eight of us. Our pony, Big Shot (nee Buckshot) passed this fall from Diabetes Mellitus or what passes for pony diabetes. He’s buried out back next to Dude (another pony). Cupcake and I have … Continue reading

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Covid-19 vaccines come in multi-dose vials

Veterans and civilians remember seeing the multi-dose vials that sat on top of the jet injectors that delivered mass vaccinations into their arms. Or that were used with unclean syringes or needles. Were there early indications that jet injectors could … Continue reading

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I reckon everyone knows nothing gives me greater pleasure than massaging Mother Earth and coaxing Her to grow fruits and vegetables for us. Well, there’s also torturing the VA on behalf of my Veterans to obtain that which is their … Continue reading

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Before I begin, let me relay a funny happening. Once upon a time back prior to Thanksgiving in 2016, I wrote a humorous article about cheating on c&p exams. I caught a lot of flak for it because some with … Continue reading

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Homeless Veterans and the HUD-VASH program

Posted 4/29/21 to VAntage “HUD VASH will not help with housing voucher in West Haven, Ct. Due to I have not been homeless for three years. I came up to help mom from Florida, but she passed. Thus my West … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Year. It’s apparent we have a new metric afoot in the Veterans Service Centers across our fruited plains. Right. VAROs are now called VSCs and have been for a while. The boss of the “service” center … Continue reading

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Remember them old party games with adult beverages back in the 70s and 80s like the Telephone Game? It might have been called something else depending on where you lived geographically. It consisted of Partygoer #1, so designated and labeled, … Continue reading

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VA Covid-19 vaccine distribution list

From 12/10/20 VA Press Release Who–Health care workers and long-term care patients will be the first to get vaccinated. 🛌 🚑 Where–37 medical centers were “…chosen for their ability to vaccinate large numbers of people and store the vaccines at … Continue reading

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I received a NOVA update on how the Appeals backlog at the Board is faring. I’d give it (progress) a so-so on a scale of 1-10. Corovirus 20 aside, it seems the pesky backlog of Legacy Appeals continues to fester. … Continue reading

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