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Received from the Oorah contingent (who else?) this morning is an interesting commentary on the relative intelligence of Officers versus Non-Commissioned Officers. Far too often, the commands come down from above in “Make it so, Numbah One!” format. This has to … Continue reading

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The miracles of technology amaze. Think of this. A  a combo defibrillator/pacemaker all-in-one with a ten to thirteen year battery. In by ten- out by one- after the Versed wears off. Sounds like a Chinese Dry Cleaners. It weighs a … Continue reading

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VA Alt-Facts

Franks sends this image in since we all have to deal with alt-facts daily.   Here are a few things that came to my mind looking at the picture.  For Conway, an Alternative Fact is something President Trump believes; Yalie … Continue reading

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This is what happens when you truthfully answer who you voted for. And it wasn’t the one who won the popular vote, either. Politically incorrect speech is still a new concept to Snowflakes so you may want to take a more … Continue reading

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East Coast sends me this intriguing summary of the World According to Daedalus-he, of course, being the first Pilot. I run across much about fighter pilots as my father was a good one. His whole life revolved around thrust to … Continue reading

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I received this from a non-VFW kind of Vietnam Vet. I share it in its entirety because- well- sometimes you just have to own your quirks in these fraternal constructs. It seems the reputation of Veterans Service Organizations and their free-thinking Post … Continue reading

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As most know by now, PEOTUS Trump has anointed David Shulkin to the post. Shulkin is McDonald’s #2 in charge of Medical or VHA as they acronymize it. This is the equal rank of the Undersecretary for Benefits over at … Continue reading

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