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Humor strikes me when you give me the ammo. And Least Coast Bruce (Almighty) just sent me the mother lode of fishing chuckles. In addition, at the end you will find some choice tidbits from my old friend Smoke. Life … Continue reading

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Actually, I probably blew that and should have written Heroines as most of the VA CMAs I talk to are women. One thing is certain. Change embodies what they do and they are quick about it. Today, I wish to … Continue reading

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VA Mission Act of 2018–signed–Regulations next step

Frank sends us an article from the Washington Post which provides an overview of some of the issues that are involved in the new attempt to “fix” the Veterans Choice Program:  “Congress sends massive veterans bill to Trump, opening door … Continue reading

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I just received a grant of some claims and a 96-page SOC that dang near has everything from 38 CFR Part 3 in it verbatim. The postman delivered it on a 40-foot flatbed with a forklift. Naw, just kidding. It … Continue reading

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“The Price of Freedom: Americans at War”

The Smithsonian published an online exhibit and timeline (LINK) of recent American Wars.  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has been a site where mourners have left very personal items and which the National Park Service has collected and archived.  Smithsonian text: … Continue reading

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Five stunning DOD photos by future vets

  Presented are one recent image from the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Army and Marines.  They each show great artistry in the way they portray the very different scenes they have captured.   The curvy Raptor is almost Rubenesque–one can’t … Continue reading

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I apologize for such short notice. Blame it on a balky CITRIX VBMS connection. Trust ol’ VA to buy the Cheapo Depot™ computer program to underpin a huge national VBMS computer linking VACO to its 56 minions scattered across the … Continue reading

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