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HCV Genotypes and Jetguns

  Having now read somewhere in excess of 30 to 40 thousand BVA decisions, something very apparent is starting to emerge. Veteran’s claims for HCV where the genotype is mentioned are predominantly Genotype 1A.   While that might not seem … Continue reading

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Hepatitis 3A Genotype

Fellow Veterans-       The Hepatitis Genotype identified as 3A was only found in two geographic locations in the 60s and 70s. These are identified in numerous Genotype charts that show infection rates for the different types of HCV. 2A … Continue reading

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New Address- Military Medical Records

hcvet Moderator Registered: 11/22/08 Posts: 48  09/27/11 #1 Hi folks, Please direct new members that need medrecs to include this address National Personnel Records Center 1 Archives Drive St Louis, MO 63138-1002 … USA For Pre2001 veterans should send a request … Continue reading

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Independent Living Program

Dang. I just got turned down by VA for a new computer, a greenhouse and a sewing machine. This is available to those of us who are never going to work again. It’s called the Independent Living Program or ILP … Continue reading

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AO Exposure on Naval Ships

 If you have been denied SC for any AO diseases because the VA said you weren’t in country or because of the Haas ruling on blue water Navy, see this site to see if you ship was designated as an … Continue reading

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Risky Business–The Mirror Test

Sorry. No Tom Cruise and no U-boat commanders in this.        When you file a claim for benefits, you will be asked to supply any and all pertinent evidence you have, know of, and any personal evidence you … Continue reading

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How to Fix America

I get so confused sometimes at what I am observing. I know its cognitive brain disorder. The doctor said it’s a side effect of Hep. C and will gradually increase. Driving back from a house I have been trying to … Continue reading

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What Makes VA Raters Tick?

I had the opportunity to roam around inside a VA rater’s noggin recently. I say this in the figurative sense of course. As their thought processes are so jaded, it was difficult getting through it but I have much to … Continue reading

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VA Employee Of The Month–August 2011

 VA’s employee of the month at VAMC American Lake, Washington is Edna. Or is it Ethel? I thought it was Maria several weeks ago. I put in my right hearing aid and then discovered next visit it was Edna. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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The waiting game

I find it incongruous to be in the position of waiting for the BVA to make a decision on my claim. I have counseled many other Vets to be patient as the process is interminable. All the tired cliches such … Continue reading

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