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Cushman Manual for Shreddergate Victims

No, this is not a manual on how to rebuild your Cushman, that you managed to find in your garage.   That manual is here. This Cushman manual is for Veteran’s who have had evidence shredded and been denied, where the … Continue reading

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This just in from the vA Central office. Va has just purchased 5 of these nifty Binford® commercial paperless claims processing devices for each VARO. Simply enter the claims in at the top and hit the power button. Eco-green friendly … Continue reading

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We have been treated to shredding, misconstrual, interminable delays, ignoring our filings, phantom disappearances from the mailroom of unregistered mail, and innumerable other mysteries on our claims. I have told you the bag of tricks is endless and a constantly evolving phenomenon. LawBob … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories

Yes.  I know.  Ask Nod does not like them.  I really don’t either.  However, just because multiple people are involved in committing crimes, does not necessarily mean that it is just a rumor. When its in our own government, conspiracy … Continue reading

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Newest VA backlog reduction program: Shreddergate 2

The pressure was enormous.  The election is fast approaching, and the millions of Veterans waiting endlessly on their benefits and appeals, after an administration promise to reduce the backlog, has actually been made much worse. Program after VA program has … Continue reading

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VA “Maps” and “How to get away with crime?”

What is the The easiest way to ripoff the VA and not be prosecuted?  Do it from the “inside”, not the outside,  as either a VA employee, or contractor.     I thought the VAOIG’s job was to “protect” Veterans, … Continue reading

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“Changes” at the VA? Wrong Message

In 2008, in the wake of Shreddergate 1, one of the managers at the Cleveland Regional Office was inexplicably “promoted” to VACO.    Of course, the vAOIG “took action” and the ROs immediately stopped shredding evidence AND stopped doing shredder bin … Continue reading

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