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This was almost a foregone conclusion. No one was going to commit political hari kiri and fall on their sword. It shows they have the stomach to do the right thing. Never before have we used troops like paper towels … Continue reading

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Here’s an interesting take on the HCV population among Veterans. Being viewed through rose-colored spectacles as always, it seems we’re either healing ourselves via IFN SVR or God is busy curing us. It’s not until you get to the end … Continue reading

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Member Chase got his new liver yesterday evening. We won’t go into all the reasons why this was unnecessary. The operation took 8 hours and CDNEH tells me he’s doing well and the new machine has already turned over and … Continue reading

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Interesting. I get a hit every three or four days on the search engine where someone asks (I don’t know who) what “service connected” means on their VA identification card. As an example, I will include mine here. If you … Continue reading

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VAOIG– Semiannual Report to Congress

vA’s Inspector General, George  J. Opfer ( you know-the guy with the adorable comb over) just released the latest Veterans crime report/Dog and Pony exercise to Congress in a vain attempt to distance themselves from the backlog storm. They found … Continue reading

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Found– One Liver

Member Chase’ wife emailed this morning and they have a liver donor. It’s always sad to hear this because it means someone passed. It’s also enervating in that it gives life to another when all hope has been lost.  They … Continue reading

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Here’s a great article  from HCV Advocate written by a VHA researcher. It touches on important facts that can be used in a general context to bolster your claim if you are an in-country Vet. Regardless, it’s good info and … Continue reading

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Much has been written of the legendary boys who do our claims. Many words- complimentary and otherwise- have been employed to voice our feelings. I received this from Member Duane: VA RATER’S MATH TEST 1970– The veteran has been service connected for … Continue reading

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125 days to adjudicate a claim is the lofty goal vA seeks to attain by 2014, 2015 and beyond according to Undersecretary for veterans Benefits  Allison A. Hickey. What, then, are we to make of Oakland, California’s Regional Office which … Continue reading

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Need Bumper Sticker

I found this on my Facebook page from The Funny Farm. It summarizes a lot of my feelings. I filed it under Darwin Awards not yet realized.

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