Statistics for the Independent Living program (recent).


And the newest ones. Looks like ILP recipients are failing to file. Surely VA isn’t denying us legitimately severely disabled Vets?

VRE IL Case Record Rpt04-14

ILP Case Record Rpt04-FY 15

Annual Independent Living Programs Totals



VRE IL Annual Case Record_FY2018

Check out where those severely disabled Vets are located…


6 Responses to VA ILP STATS

  1. Christine Phyllis Copeland says:

    you coming to the meeting tonight?

  2. Chet Crump says:

    Diane Bruce (rotorhead) is the one that knows everything there is to know about ILP. I know that he has helped me with my struggles. I still argue with them in Houston and plan to reopen my case once I have completed this final move. They will keep denying you as log as they can. Don’t give in to them.

    • Anthony says:

      How can I get ahold of him.? I was in ILP then at the 6 month period they dropped me like a hot potato.

    • Anthony says:

      Email address? TN? Instant message on this site? Sorry not new to asknod but new to this site and how to contact people other than asknod. Sorry for all the confusion. Thank you for all your time and support!!!!!

  3. bruce (rotorhead???") mccartney says:

    diane. here’s the fax # to House Veterans Affairs Committee.202-225-5488 AND the fax # to Congressman Bill Flores, Chairman Economic Opportunity Subcommittee (yepper they’re the ones with ILP oversight) 202-225-0350

    pass the word to all you know…Pitch A Bitch…but fax it to get their attention.

  4. Diane Abernathy says:

    Iam so angry I do not know where to begin. They were to have been helping mr for a decade now. 2 1/2 yrs ago they dropped off a computer a clearly told them I had no idea how to use, they keep sending people out to my house to evaluate my living situation and take pictures on three different occassions ans still nothing happens. I got frustrtated and enrolled in a computer class after waiting for them to do something for 2 and a half years and now the don;t want to pay for ir. I technically have been in the program for for Independendent living for 10 years and they are still jerking me around. I really need help, Columbus Ohio

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