Here’s the definitive site on all things RVN. If it isn’t here, it probably isn’t. Includes a lot on our other playground up country in Laos. I’ve used this site before and it’s very informative. some links are broken but its been up for a number of years.


  1. darrel freshour says:

    can you help with a NOD for effective date? or what do you use for this. they have made so many mistakes way back to 2015

  2. p-d-shake says:

    hubby got new liver in 2009 but va didn’t do it his was deferred. thank them so much if his private insurance hadn’t took over he would be dead. oh yes he was on his death bed. the va said past drug use not

    • asknod says:

      We can help you win, p-d-shake. That’s what we do-HCVets.

      • My husband had been fighting the VA for HCV since 2000. He underwent a liver transplant in 2010 at Vanderbilt in Nashville. He died w/i 8 hrs. Lots of mistakes made but couldn’t sue because we couldn’t find an expert witness to testify. Career suicide since it was the head of transplant surgery that screwed up. In short, Purple Heart in Nashville told me his claim died with him. Now I find out that is not the case. I filed for DIC and accrued last October and just received notice that they need more info. I know they are planning to deny it no matter what. I truly believe this is one of those cases where some has their knickers in a knot about his case. I have put together a reply but still feel as though there is something missing. No service organization was helpful with my husband’s case so I have no clue where to turn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Johnny Hollifield says:

    I joined in 1974 too. I was diagnosed with Hep C-they done experimental treatment, almost killed me from overdosing with the medication they gave me, but Hep C in remission now, testing has been negative. I think it came from the vaccinations with the air gun used.

  4. Jon Wieboldt says:

    have hep-c, called non a/ non b .. now need new liver ASAP! jon us army vet..74-77

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