Here’s a link to declassified Consolidated International Airlines files from the Vietnam War Conflict.  Sorry. We don’t want to offend (or confuse) the folks from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) who still insist Vietnam wasn’t a “war”. We know they were terribly sensitive about that to the point of denying membership to those of us who were there.  I do have a lot of Air America stuff I’ve amassed to help those of you who served over the fence. Some of it may be in here. If not…

(call or email me)

(call or email me)

P.S. For those not aware, CAS stands (or stood for) for Controlled American Source. In 1970, we were not allowed to mention the unmentionable. Air America was merely an air carrier who just happened to operate a schedule in our Area of Operations. Very conveniently located too, I might add.

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