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VA “Secure” Messaging–major cloud fail or worse?

My husband asked me to send a message via myHealthy vet to his VA PC doc about something he is waiting for from the Physical Therapy department.  This screenshot was the first warning that all was not well with the … Continue reading

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Can you imagine if Walgreen’s™ or CVS’™ pharmacists were helping themselves to the Hydromorphone and Oxycontin at franchise stores across the fruited plain what an uproar would ensue? The DEA would be in high gear in a week and be … Continue reading

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Veterans Press-dateline April 29, 2015–Seattle VARO 346. Wowser. As I mentioned several weeks ago, VA opted to take me seriously and get me in to see a Travel Board Judge (VLJ) from the BVA at my earliest convenience. Since we … Continue reading

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My HealtheVet is down for everyone tonight

As suggested by an Asknod member, I contacted the VA to report my access problems by phone, then by webform because no one answered the phone. I received an email  the next day telling me to try a fix (didn’t … Continue reading

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Myhealthevet site worries today

  What the heck is going on?  After logging in, clicking on almost every tab results in this warning. Clicking on the yellow triangle gives more information about the encryption and that the site has secure and insecure content.  It … Continue reading

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If you haven’t heard yet, the VA has once again stepped on their collective necktie. When not busy leaving expensive laptops in plain view in vehicles in high-crime areas, they now have been busted for all but printing out our … Continue reading

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