CHECO Here’s the CHECO reports page, It will link you to what we were doing over the fence in Laos with White Star all the way through until our departure in 1973.

From Ben Krause at Disabled Vets.Org., I picked up a good resource on Agent Orange usage in Thailand that may help some of you who got hosed on the perimeter of the bases- especially NKP and Udorn. While most of us may have been aware of the gomer CHECO report, few noticed the haircut the report got when VA  published it.

I think the more important stuff is here. This is the VA’s curiously redacted version of the AO CHECO in Thailand report.

This is VA’s “everybody remain calm. It was just some innocuous Roundup®. Not to worry. Deep breath and mmmmmmm– Kumbaya, My Lord.”

More Kumbaya from VA

And lastly, the unredacted version with all the 21 missing pages in a  convenient  downloadable .pdf format:

CHECO Thailand Base Defense 1973

And lastly, a big one- The  CHECO air War in Vietnam 1968 through 1969

I suppose the first one I listed with all the over-the-fence info contains the larger amount by far. In addition, the Air Police were not the only one who got hosed. Every one of you were required to do Augmentation duty for a month along the perimeter. In addition, telephone installer/repairmen and cable splicer/maintenance guys  from the local Comm squadrons as well as the 1st MOB of GEEIA were out there all the time. See my post on this here

Now someone needs to go down to the University of Texas’ Air America  Historical wing and find all the records on the P-6C spray-rigged Porter that reloaded at 20 Alternate about three times a day during dry season. I know where he was spraying but there doesn’t seem to be much of a record concerning any except the Ranch Hand over on the Eastern Border with the DRV down to RVN along the HCM trail.

And here’s Admiral Elmo Zumwalt’s take on it in 1990:


Australian research report abstract:


Project 404/Waterpump notes

JUSMAAGTHAI from 58 to 75


Vang Pao data from 20 Alternate (Long Tieng)

Vang Pao-Laos Operation White Star Schulze, Howard

All Air Accidents in Thailand during the war


AFTN RF-4C crash at Udorn 4/17/70 -missed me by thaaaaaaat much.

AFTN Fire April 1970

Map of Udorn

Map – Udorn 3-D 1969

Laos operations w/ AAM


3 Responses to CHECO REPORTS

  1. Was at Nam Phone Thailand may 1972 with the marines, we built the rose garden for them. I have multiple illnesses Parkinson etc… no one talks Nam phong. We were told it was a secret base, we were part of linebacker 2 bombing of North Vietnam. Our special forces were there a long with Thai special forces.

  2. Wilbur Regar says:

    It seems they overlooked a lot of m.o.s. units thruout Thailand. I was in the 538th eng. Company ‘c’ in the mountain area called (80-k) I think also known as Sung- Wien also. The first few months we cleared jungle debris to dynamite the mountain area the road would be going thru. After that a dump truck came open that was fixed and the motor pool Sgt. Cleared it for duty. Hauled debries from co. area,and off the const. site and made a few trips to get mess hall food but turned down the permanent trips to haul the long muddy trip because of the monsoon season. Then every evening they would spray and fog our camp because of mosquitoes were so bad. Would always wait to shower after the fogging . Our lister bag was where our drinking water came from,our own water plant and a truck would come around and fill them up for us. Yes I do believe they forget a lot of us on purpose. I was Sp.E5 Wilbur Regar and was in country with the 538th. Eng. co. ‘C’ 1966Aug-1967Aug.

  3. Robert Able says:

    Do not forget Red Horse squadron 556 Utapao Thailand 1968-1969 our compound was on the perimeter. Our hootches were on the perimeter. I never hear any tot thing about our presence there. I traveled all over Thailand driving tractor trailer. some one needs to recognize RED HORSE. We were EXPOSED to herbicides/agent orange Robert Able

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