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VA Emergency Care good news: Staab v Sec. Shulkin

Thanks to Frank’s helpful eyeballs, I have some good news to report about the veteran emergency care benefit that has been withheld since 2010. Sec. Shulkin has had a change of heart.  Last week he held that the Staab case … Continue reading

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With all the fur flying over TDIU and possibly underutilized VA  medical facilities closing, Jerrel called me today and asked me to inveigh on dem changes. So, once again Thursday afternoon at 1600 Local on the sunny Left  Coast of … Continue reading

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President Trump is faced with a conundrum firmly ensconced in an enigma. This one is worse than Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox’ tar baby. To put it in its simplest terms, what do you do with a VA schedule for … Continue reading

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It’s a good thing President Trump instituted the new Vet hotline when he did. I got to use it this morning for the first time. I was on hold for all of 31 seconds. As most of you know who … Continue reading

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Finally, a few months late but nothing like better than never, the President’s IT gurus have declared the Vets’ ” Call me Donald” phone line open for business. Here it is folks and guaranteed to be a busy tone … Continue reading

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