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Unless I miss my guess, I reckon summer, or what’s going to pass for summer hereabouts, has arrived. We’ve had two successive days where it actually got near 80°. I’m playing it safe and keeping the pool at 88° until … Continue reading

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Last summer, I had a lot of irons in the fire. Funerals to attend and briefs to prepare for fifty year-old §3.156(c) claims. One thing I regret is when I cannot write for the blog as in days of old. … Continue reading

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Hepatitis C Market Report (Issue 1) from the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

“We are in a new era of HCV control and optimism abounds.” Harvey J. Alter,  2019 Lecture remarks  Dr. Alter refers to the non-toxic Direct-Acting Antiviral (DAA) medications which have “unprecedented efficacy” cure rates of 95% to 100% (all genotypes) … Continue reading

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Today’s Navy : Why NO gloves during these medical procedures?

Seeing is believing.  This was published by the Navy in 2020. COVID19LEADERSHANDBOOK_V2 Oct. 2019 photo: PRE-COVID-19 awareness-No.  Blood-borne virus awareness  (HCV, HIV, or HBV)-Yes, but ignored.  “The Navy, which for months had the majority of the military’s cases, grew by … Continue reading

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Hepatitis (HCV) extrahepatic manifestation: Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Those paying attention to HCV infections know that the virus is a leading cause of  hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).  Less well known, is that HCV can cause another cancer:  B-cell Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) (Pubmed -Link) (Pubmed-vet study 2007). My old Marine … Continue reading

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Memorial Day greetings to you all. I’d probably be excoriated for being politically inept if I said Happy Memorial Day. Rightfully so. This isn’t a holiday to hand out attaboys for being a Vet. It’s all about remembrance of loved … Continue reading

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Lord almighty. I have seen some screwed up stuff in my day but I cannot for the life of me figure out what they put in the water cooler at the No.Little Rock Veterans Service Center. By now, it’s like … Continue reading

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As all of you Coronaphobiacs know, April Fool’s is my Birthday. And that being the case, life would not be worth a hoot if I didn’t gig some poor soul somewhere in the world. Somebody must pay for this crime. … Continue reading

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Cupcake and I were self-isolating with good reason before the poop hit the fan. This began way back in early February. We got the ugly news about a month ago when the blood labs check engine light came on. Her … Continue reading

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Keeping in mind the fact that I am demented and starve without humor infusions, I do respect all you folks’ concerns over this nasty corona thing. It’s ugly. It’s dangerous to us old farts although I hear some dude in … Continue reading

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