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Memorial Day 2017

When I think of Memorial Day as a holiday now, from the attenuated viewpoint of a Veterans Advocate, my memories drift back to my first few months in country in Thailand. Some one lied and said I spoke French and … Continue reading

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Just when we thought ol’ Laura was going to quietly fade away in her new digs over at VA’s Human Resources, lightning strikes again. It’s sad to think that any VA employee would spend their time ruminating on how to … Continue reading

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Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 (S. 305)

Pres. Trump signed Public Law No.115-15 on 3/28/17.  Will towns and cities across the USA fly flags out of respect for all Vietnam veterans decades after it ended?   Although we know that tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans have … Continue reading

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Received from the Oorah contingent (who else?) this morning is an interesting commentary on the relative intelligence of Officers versus Non-Commissioned Officers. Far too often, the commands come down from above in “Make it so, Numbah One!” format. This has to … Continue reading

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Butch Long’s DRO review couldn’t be on a more auspicious occasion than February 22nd. Not only is it George Washington’s birthday but also the day a friend passed away just north of Vientiane from what I heard. I was still … Continue reading

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  Put on the skillet, slip on the lid, Mama’s gonna make a little short’nin’ bread. That ain’t all she’s gonna do, Mama’s gonna make a little coffee, too. What an auspicious day for a Decision Review Officer (DRO) Hearing. … Continue reading

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I received this from a non-VFW kind of Vietnam Vet. I share it in its entirety because- well- sometimes you just have to own your quirks in these fraternal constructs. It seems the reputation of Veterans Service Organizations and their free-thinking Post … Continue reading

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