FAC CALL SIGNS 1965-1975

downloadCall signs for all countries (Cambodia, Laos and RVN). 


One thing unique about our FAC aircraft over the fence were the “O” tail numbers which stood for Obsolete. That assumes they had a tail # as some didn’t.  The USAF “gave” them to other governments, Bird and Sons Air or took them off the books.

download (1)ravensaI started out as an almost Rustic Yankee but my orders changed to Wetback at Long Tieng. I was the fly on the wall at Alternate who got invited to VP’s dinner parties by CAS.




10 Responses to FAC CALL SIGNS 1965-1975

  1. Craig Skinner says:

    Major GB Skinner was my Father in an 0E 1 Birddog. His call sign was Easy 1 and he served in 1965 if I remember correctly. I remember him talking about Da Nang and the tet offensive,

  2. Larry Sirmans says:

    I liked reading this website. Found the FAC references absolutely fascinating. I was a Naval Gunnersmate that was rifted into NGFS roles due to being prior service Army and even knew what an 8 digit grid was. Fast forward a few years to the First Gulf War and I was one of the few squids (non Corpsman or Brown show Air dale) that worked with Anglico and called fire missions from USS Missouri and Wisconsons….

  3. Bruce Maine says:

    Looking for a FAC, Call Sign “Walt 61” who worked a target around Phan Thiet with “Spooky 61” in 1968. He left target area to refuel at “Phan Thiet International.” I have a mission tape that you might enjoy. Thank you!

  4. james white says:

    Looking for Nail 77. went down in Laos in ’69. Also worked with Zorro 74 and Candlestick 45. I don’t see those?

    • asknod says:

      That’s Tom Lee’s site–http://www.angelfire.com/home/laoslist/listtoc.html . Has every KHA/ BNR in Laos that we know of. It doesn’t have any of our AirAm guys though.

  5. Richard Koivisto says:

    I was TDY to MyTho ( TanHiep Airstrip ) providing Weather Support for a month in 1963 ! I had a hand-crank Shortwave radio to send my weather transmissions with and I had to use the call sign > Co von me Bluebird . I can’t remember what that meant as my memory fades over time.

  6. asknod says:

    This is mostly I Corps both AF and Army. I expect Marines were included in this too. Hard to say. I spent most of my time over the fence up north at “the extreme western terminus of the DMZ”. All I heard most of the time was Raven, Nail and Misty with the obligatory 7th ABCCC Cricket.

  7. Paul says:

    Cider 10, 11, 12, etc were flying out of Dak To in 68-69!

  8. Michael Lewis says:

    Is this strictly Air Force? Reason I ask is because I rode in a fac whose call sign was Shotgun 36. Thanks much, Michael Lewis Hm/Navy- 69-70.

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