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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, Silvia and all who helped to bring this to the fore. We have patiently waited for any evidence other than the CDC pointing out that jetguns were … Continue reading

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One glaring similarity I share with all those who served in SEA  is the inability to this day to discuss it with those who weren’t there. It’s not for lack of finding the right words.  To this day, few ever … Continue reading

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The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick PBS Premier: Sun. 9/17

 Difficult to know if this 18-hour, 10-part documentary will please or anger. The byline “No Single Truth” may not go over well in 2017 since a fair slice of the population prefers to see things in tunnel vision.  I’ll be … Continue reading

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An early special gift

Santa’s remarkable helpers left a special Christmas gift this year.  It came in a big heavy box. I admit to coveting my own Ped-O-Jet after seeing pictures of them online here. Now I have one.  I have a few plans … Continue reading

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VA rats fighting emergency care CAVC ruling: Richard W. Staab v. Robert A. McDonald

The financial shocks that VHA-enrolled veterans face when they find out that none of their emergency care claims will be covered, if they have Medicare or private insurance, is of no ethical concern to the VA.  The National Veterans Legal Services … Continue reading

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1964–When I was about 13, I’d listen to my friend’s brothers who’d recently returned from Vietnam. Tales of rain, more rain, deprivation, jungle rot and fanatic Viet Cong insurgents who would even blow themselves up on occasion were the subject. Not … Continue reading

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At the NOVA Spring conference this March in Las Vegas, I  attended a class on 38 CFR 3.103(c)’s protections afforded us but never offered. To wit, the conference that is permitted to inform us of what we are lacking or … Continue reading

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