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As most know by now, PEOTUS Trump has anointed David Shulkin to the post. Shulkin is McDonald’s #2 in charge of Medical or VHA as they acronymize it. This is the equal rank of the Undersecretary for Benefits over at … Continue reading

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Dear Vietnam Veterans, We can explain…

No Congress, CDC, VA, DoD, FDA you can’t explain away your decisions to keep veterans in the dark about how they might have acquired HCV during their military service.  No VBA judges, you can’t hide behind your rule books either … Continue reading

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Jet-injector transmitted hepatitis: proof of concept and quick evidence print-out

  In 2004, top viral hepatitis CDC researcher, Miriam Alter, MD, gave a presentation to the FDA and referenced the 1984-85 HBV outbreak via transmission by jet injectors. Dr. Cecil’s website (Link) also links to the 1990 abstract, An outbreak of hepatitis B … Continue reading

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An early special gift

Santa’s remarkable helpers left a special Christmas gift this year.  It came in a big heavy box. I admit to coveting my own Ped-O-Jet after seeing pictures of them online here. Now I have one.  I have a few plans … Continue reading

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Good WHO hepatitis poster

The World Health Organization and other non-American public health professionals are far more forthright about hepatitis information. Notice that unsafe injections and medical procedures are emphasized in this work. Of course, most laypeople have no way of knowing if they … Continue reading

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We need to talk about multi-dose vials

Then and now There seems to have been no consideration for infection control with regard to the use of multi-dose vials in the military in previous decades. Hence the massive outbreak of blood-borne pathogen infections we see in our veteran … Continue reading

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My very own Vietnam-era syringes

Inspired by Silvia’s HCV-transmissionable medical devices online shopping trips, I purchased two vintage syringes (with no needles) and they arrived today.  Below are the eBay images and my two. No CDC “one and only one” injection practices in those days. … Continue reading

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