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Memorial Day 2017

When I think of Memorial Day as a holiday now, from the attenuated viewpoint of a Veterans Advocate, my memories drift back to my first few months in country in Thailand. Some one lied and said I spoke French and … Continue reading

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Without commenting one way or the other, I offer this article to the readership as information only. As most know, I was sued along with others over our scandalous allegations of impropriety and sarcastic humor in February 2015. I earned … Continue reading

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One thing I love about Extraordinary Writs is the alacrity that enervates the DVA when it hits 625 Native American Ave. NW. Before it can even be docketed this time, I have a decision back from the Seattle Regional Office … Continue reading

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For those of you who enjoy that Habitat for Humidity steam room feel with  clammy, sweaty skin, and insist on living on the East Coast to relish it all summer, I salute you. I lived in that world for 18 … Continue reading

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I have been invited back because every time Jerrel asks me about how things went in San Antonio at the NOVA conferences, why, we get a caller and the subject gets put on hold. To repair that, we’re going to … Continue reading

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What could be more fun than spending $50 on one of these? Quo Vadis greenhouse? How about that earlier effective date that screwed you- then eluded you? Read on folks. This one’s going out tomorrow with Priority Mail. 2017 CAVC … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning, I dressed up in my “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” suit. I dialed up the director’s office at the Phoenix Regional Office and was preparing to launch a diatribe on why there … Continue reading

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