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As CAVC cases go, this is a horrible retread. So much so that they didn’t even deign to give it a panel. Jurisprudence this defective should not be permitted to see daylight-let alone twice. I am all for every dog … Continue reading

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In Vietnam, during a firefight, the most awesome sound a wounded man could hope to hear was that of a Huey Dustoff coming in regardless of the danger. When our troops were wounded, we didn’t have the luxury of time. … Continue reading

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Those of you who were the earliest HCVets knew Rob on the old Delphi website for HCVets as Rob1956. That’s where I met him. I had just won my own VA claim and wanted to share and help others attain … Continue reading

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ACA allows the sale of health insurance across state lines–so what’s the problem?

Many people without group health insurance, VHA, Tricare/Champa, Medicare or Medicaid are dreading the Obamacare marketplace enrollment deadline in December. Why? Because interstate competition did not take off and premiums are rising. Health insurance premiums should have dropped because private … Continue reading

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…At Alex’s Restaurant. No Thanksgiving in a foreign land in 1970 was complete without someone dragging out a scratchy Arlo Guthrie Alice’s Restaurant vinyl and replaying the story about the 8 1/2 by 11 glossy color photos. We had no … Continue reading

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Old Navy T-Day menus

Happy Thanksgiving Day!  I put together a little pdf booklet of twelve vintage Navy menu’s served to sailors on Thanksgiving Day from 1900-1950.  Maybe someone you know served on these ships.  The menus didn’t change much. To view, click link … Continue reading

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VA rats fighting emergency care CAVC ruling: Richard W. Staab v. Robert A. McDonald

The financial shocks that VHA-enrolled veterans face when they find out that none of their emergency care claims will be covered, if they have Medicare or private insurance, is of no ethical concern to the VA.  The National Veterans Legal Services … Continue reading

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