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I received this from a non-VFW kind of Vietnam Vet. I share it in its entirety because- well- sometimes you just have to own your quirks in these fraternal constructs. It seems the reputation of Veterans Service Organizations and their free-thinking Post … Continue reading

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In an interesting twist, President-elect Trump’s transition team, flummoxed by recent refusals of top-dog choices for VA Secretary, have decided to dig down deeper in the barrel for ‘real’ experience. Beginning tomorrow, Trump’s transition team will begin interviews with several … Continue reading

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Vietnam I Corps- July 1968 Near Quang Tri The most undesirable position an Eleven Bravo was saddled with, besides just being an Eleven Bravo and having to pack that extra 10 lbs of .45 ACP and ammo, was walking point. It was … Continue reading

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Vet forced to go off DMII meds to prove he has it

Nurses have told us that DMII is a chronic condition; that once you have it, you always have it.  And to never go off the restricted diet or risk suffering terrible side effects.   When we lived in a senior … Continue reading

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Draft bill: “Caring for our Heroes in the 21st Century Act”

News from Frank (VT) to consider:  Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) is working on a bill that contains many VA healthcare restructuring proposals.  She wants feedback on the 58-page discussion draft (LINK). “With this draft legislation, my goal is for … Continue reading

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Here we have almost the perfect triumvirate of Judges aligned like the stars and one has to spoil it with a bogus “I concur but I’m butthurt about Willie’s due diligence in this matter”. Trust Judge Coral to be the … Continue reading

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What could be better than a long cool Veterans Law Judge in a black robe than a red hot Vet’s law dog  on your team named Jeany Mark Esquire. Ms. Mark is one half of the tag team of Lieberman … Continue reading

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