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The Prize Patrol– Part One

This is both humorous and bittersweet. In 2008, one of our members approached me with a problem. I instantly identified with Krazyhorse (John) as we share the same birthdate. Even more amazing was that his parents ancestral property in upstate … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat From Drew Carey’s RO

Here’s an interesting decision that will provoke much discussion for years to come.  This comes to us from Shreddergate, the Cleveland, Ohio VARO with a unique filing system for round records that don’t fit into square holes. Their motto is … Continue reading

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Cognitive Brain Disfunction

Members write me occasionally and during the course of their epistle, they always point out the increasing deterioration of their mental acuity. This happens to all of us as the HCV disease progresses. Others point out the Interferon therapy seems … Continue reading

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Member’s Bucket List

I love writing about others and their successes when going up against Goliath (VA). Every win is a “take that” moment for what they did to me for 22 long years. Actually, mine’s still in the works in D.C. as … Continue reading

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Plausible? See Stegman v. Derwinski (1992)

I swear that the words that make their way onto this screen are born of woolgathering while driving. I keep a tablet under my right hand and a pen poised for when the little man in my head presses “Send”. … Continue reading

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Veterans News Now

This is something I signed up to receive tweets on. The article is priceless. The gal who wrote it feels awe when considering what a Vet from the other wars went through. I have more admiration for my father’s wars … Continue reading

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CAVC– Vincent v. Shinseki– Dismissal Then Reinstatement W/ Panel.

We have pointed out the friction beginning to develop over time since VA Secretary Shinseki took office. This Order is the second to come down this year that evokes the belief by the Court that the Secretary was raised by … Continue reading

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