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Member Randy sends us this post today. This was on the Veterans Report Website. Almost choked on dinner laughing at the naivete. Compensation for Vietnam Veterans Week of April 30, 2012 Nearly 2.6 million Americans who served in Vietnam are … Continue reading

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These are the decisions we love and hate. We love them because its always nice to see the underdog go up against Goliath pro se. We hate it because of the inordinate time wasted pursuing something that can never be … Continue reading

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VA’s VHA, the medical arm, is always learning new tricks from their big brother, the VBA. If you don’t know something and make no effort to find out about it, then it doesn’t exist. It’s plausible, but not confirmed. Likewise, … Continue reading

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VA’s ability to fix problems needs improvement

The VA’s method of fixing problems:  Wait until the Veteran complains to his or her Senator.  Only then, will anything be done about it. Veterans with “paperwork glitches” don’t have a good way to call someone up and say, “Gee, … Continue reading

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No Balling…even more profitable than lowballing

The VA has established a new standard of excellence in lowballing.  Its called “no” balling, where the Veteran has an established disability (service connected) and the VA “admits” it, and concludes it is 0 percent disabling.   If you have … Continue reading

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BVA–Lowballing for Fun and Profit

VA seems condemned to never looking up to make eye contact with you. They are fixated on the records in front of them and struggle to come to the lowest rating that can pass muster. Facts are inconvenient nuisances and … Continue reading

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Tall Tales From Texas

Member Tom sends this to us and he isn’t even from Texas. The testicles of a Texas midget hurt and ached almost all the time. The midget went to the doctor and told him about his problem. The doctor told … Continue reading

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