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Covid-19 vaccines come in multi-dose vials

Veterans and civilians remember seeing the multi-dose vials that sat on top of the jet injectors that delivered mass vaccinations into their arms. Or that were used with unclean syringes or needles. Were there early indications that jet injectors could … Continue reading

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CBS news report (12/1/15): most veterans denied HCV meds

We have all read news stories about the difficulty veterans with active chronic HCV infection are having getting treated with Sovaldi at the VA. Some articles express a more reality-based report on the service-connected HCV outbreak among Vietnam veterans.   … Continue reading

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Rep. Jeff Denham distainful of VA

This Congressman serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee and may be a friend. Congressman Jeff Denham represents the 10th District of California in the U.S. House of Representatives. His district includes all of Stanislaus County and part of San Joaquin County. He … Continue reading

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Public health Johnny-come-latelies on HCV

Zoom, zoom.  The federal government health professionals are revving up their Denali SUVs  to educate the public on hepatitis.  Yesterday, they announced on the blog: SOUNDING THE ALARM ON A SILENT EPIDEMIC: FEDERAL HIV/STD ADVISORY GROUP ADOPTS VIRAL HEPATITIS … Continue reading

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Revisiting the June 9, 1999 House of Representatives hearing (Part 1)

What:  Hearing on VA OUTREACH TO VETERANS AT RISK FOR HEPATITIS C INFECTION Where:  House of Representatives, Subcommittee on National Security,  Veterans Affairs, and International Relations,Committee on  Government Reform, Washington, DC. The top guys from the VA were Dr. Thomas L Garthwaite, Veterans Administration, … Continue reading

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As if we didn’t have enough on our plates. It seems Vets will once again get the shaft even when SSD/SSI will get theirs. I find it inconceivable that any member of Congress would be this selfish. After reading that, I changed … Continue reading

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Liver transplants: Could your Congressman be an ally when the VA fails?

My DH never received his Combat Action Ribbon (Marine/Vietnam) and the Navy archivists ignore us.   Recently we informed Congressman Kline about our problem; a staff person followed-up promptly.  After discussing our issue, I conveyed our appreciation for their role … Continue reading

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VA Letter 211b 98-110

Don’t any of you wonder where this went? In the circular file, apparently… Postscript: There are actually numerous mentions of this letter in different decisions. Here’s one I found on Google. Risk factors for hepatitis C include intravenous … Continue reading

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