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Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 (S. 305)

Pres. Trump signed Public Law No.115-15 on 3/28/17.  Will towns and cities across the USA fly flags out of respect for all Vietnam veterans decades after it ended?   Although we know that tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans have … Continue reading

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I have repeatedly heard the term “VA stakeholder” and finally decided to look it up. Former VA Secretary McDonald and our newest fearless leader repeat it incessantly so it must have great gravitas. Here’s the skinny from what I can … Continue reading

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No hygiene for the recruit masses

Silvia’s jetgun photos, quotes from HCVets Tricia Lupole and in an excellent article by Paul Harashim,  Jet guns should be a recognized risk factor for hepatitis C, (Las Vegas  Review Journal, 2/25/17) will be appreciated by NOD readers (Link).  He … Continue reading

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Most Veterans don’t understand how this VA poker game works. I know it took me around the block three times with Veterans Services Organizations running interference for VA against me. Every once and a while I like to look back … Continue reading

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Received from the Oorah contingent (who else?) this morning is an interesting commentary on the relative intelligence of Officers versus Non-Commissioned Officers. Far too often, the commands come down from above in “Make it so, Numbah One!” format. This has to … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s disease and HCV research

 We know that HCV and Parkinson’s Diseases are epidemics in the veteran community.  There is some new research that readers might want to know about.  I’m copying the text of a response to a large study with citations to three … Continue reading

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Can VA chaplains help fill the gap of too few mental health workers?

Most, or perhaps all VA hospitals, employ VA chaplains and have a chapel. This one at the Baltimore VA is an uplifting space.  Chaplains are trained to work with all faiths in addition to their connection to their home denomination … Continue reading

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One thing that will never happen is that a Regional Office will grant a jetgun-based appeal for Hepatitis C (HCV). VA is batting .1000 on that metric. However, in regards to appeals at the BVA, a new breed of Veterans … Continue reading

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VA-issued sharps disposal container

Update:  On 11/3/16 (Link) I wrote A few weeks ago I pricked my finger on my old Marine’s used blood glucose lancet tip.  It hurt. My careless error because I didn’t buy a sharps bin when he recently started testing. … Continue reading

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Propublica’s health apps

More valuable resources from Frank– Not all docs/groups are listed in the Vital Signs search tool. At least 20 procedures are needed to be rated.  For surgeons, some may do hundreds of a repair with low complications and others perform … Continue reading

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