Click on this link to view VA’s Compensation Tables for 2018.

 VA Comp. 

Historical rates for regular compensation (0-100%) here  from 1980 to present

VA Comp rates from 1980 to 2008

This is the new table which went into effect on Dec. 1, 2017. You will see the increase in next month’s (January 2017) check.

Special Monthly Compensation Tables for 2017 are here:


Historical rates from 1974 to present


DIC–Dependents Indemnity Compensation tables.

3 Responses to VA COMP

  1. Pam Sutera says:

    I have a cry for help and I apologize if this is not the place. My husband, a Vietnam Vet, is terminal. He suffers from bilateral hearing damage and COPD with a direct nexus to the boiler room where he was exposed to toxic fumes from petroleum black oil and asbestos. The VA granted his hearing disability as service related and rated him 0% ! Denied COPD. We then appealed it. We had the appeal in August 2018 where the judge remanded it, said the evidence for the COPD had a direct nexus to service and asked for a current hearing evaluation since the last one was in Jan. Of 2015. It is in the record that my husband is terminal and end stage. We have heard nothing as of yet. Is there anything I can do ?

  2. Brenda D Green says:

    I have a question My claim was denied by VA for an service connected injury I ask it to go to the Board of Appeals.It went there before, but was remanded back to the VA for more evidence. Now VA sent me a letter of denying my claim for a increase I ask for it to go to the Board. This has been ongoing for 8 years now.If they approve my appeal how far back do they back pay me.

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