VAROs and Who’s Who

Here’s a link to all the VAROs in the world and their addresses.

And here’s how much money they are spending at each one:


Attached here is a link to all employees of the US Government (or most of them) including those funny guys at the VA. Ever wonder who Joel was? How about that DRO who called named Laura? The mailroom guy named Clayton who signs off on your CM-RRR green card?

Well, wonder no more Veterans. Here, at your fingertips is the directory that can tell you all you wish to know. Knowledge is power.

Here’s an intro on how to use this tool if you are new to this:

And here is the numerical list of VAROs. I find VA will use just the last two numbers in internal correspondence such as VBA046 to mean Seattle (VBA 346). In addition, if you call the Cheyenne Wyoming RO, it rings in Denver. Likewise the Fort Harrison, Montana VARO is diverted to Salt Lake City.



5 Responses to VAROs and Who’s Who

  1. Mike says:

    I thought I would try to search for a federal employee using your link and it did not bring this individuals info up and this individual is me a VA employee so does it really work ?????????

    • asknod says:

      Sure. You have to be careful how you frame the parameters though. You choose Dept. Of Vet Affairs. If you are in the Benefits end, you enter VBA. Leave the name blank. Enter the state you want and it opens. Scroll forward or backwards to reach your last name. I’ve only had problems when I try to enter a name. I’ve plucked a rater’s name off the Chicago VARO with just his initials-which they give us on every rating. At the top right of every decision, it says “In reply refer to: 346KJV. That Seattle’s RO number and the initials of the rater. Works every time for me.

  2. Philip Cunniff says:

    Thank You, Not to say that if I send email they will even open it never mind read it.

    However, I recently (Sept 2015) had a problem getting my VA C File and sent an email to the Secretary of the VA. Next day I had a response from a GS-something telling me it file was in the mail. Got it that same week. I got a decision letter and sent another email. The next week I visited the Regional Office in Boston. The were ready for me. I got slapped down hard. They had no problem putting bold face lies in writing. I sent a final email to the Secretary (week before last) telling him I wouldn’t bother him again.

    It wasn’t possible to shame him into action.

    • asknod says:

      I find the scratch for this VA itch is an Extraordinary Writ of Mandamus pro se. It finally straightened out their paperwork for the last 21 1/2 years and tidied up everything pretty slick.

  3. Aletta says:

    Just found your site.. Nice and Informative..

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