Hard on the heels of JAVet’s last post I found this from Shawn in my mailbox. Don’t you people ever sleep? I find it interesting that vA could think, even for the most brief moment, that they could possibly tamper with our C-files and not expect discovery. Do they honestly take us for uneducated boobs with no common sense?

Veterans Today is an interesting web site which I subscribe to. I find it has the same perspectives we do here. To wit, the vA is not your friend. They are adversarial in the most milk and honey way possible.

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  1. Robert G says:

    This is second reply. I have a question about this. Say my stuff was shredded like my C&P nexus for my claim for HCV. “IF” this was shredded “could this lead to altered copies” of said evidence that no one would vouch(no notations in Vista or Doctor statement) for? My C&P nexus was altered and there was no notations in the record as who did this. The RO ignored it when denying my claim, and the VSO ignored it as my representative. Is this “COLLUSION” between the RO and the VSO to hide missing documents? My other sense is telling me this is a big fat “CUE” either way you look at it. This is a true scenario and on the way to DC right now. Inquiring minds need to know………….

    • asknod says:

      If it was shredded, there would be no record whatsoever of it in the C-file. An altered nexus is proof of tampering with the evidence and inartfully altered, not destroyed. As for collusion, I cannot honestly say. I doubt a VSO would engage in this. They may be misguided but they are not saboteurs.

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