Newest VA backlog reduction program: Shreddergate 2

The pressure was enormous.  The election is fast approaching, and the millions of Veterans waiting endlessly on their benefits and appeals, after an administration promise to reduce the backlog, has actually been made much worse.

Program after VA program has failed to reduce the backlog.

Something has to be done!

Shreddergate TWO to the rescue!

You will recall, in shreddergate ONE when the backlog got too large, the VA simply took mostly Veterans with multiple claims and “converted” them into single issue claims by shredding.  It failed.  Vets are not as stupid as the VA would like us to beleive.

So, with at least one shredder bin inspection habitual now, what to do?  The VA needed to think up more of these, and quick:

Placing one Veterans file, in another Vets file produces much lost time and money.
However, it does make the backlog appear smaller.

Simply place one Veterans file in anothers, and it will “disappear”.  The Vet will be quickly denied due to lack of evidence, and it will be a long time until the “error” is discovered.

One well known Vet, has indicated that is precisely what happened to him.

He indicated that “somewhere” buried in his some 3000 pages of evidence, was another Veterans C file.

While it is clear the politicians want to “look good” especially now, I am not sure that is what happened.

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2 Responses to Newest VA backlog reduction program: Shreddergate 2

  1. Dave says:

    It is time to get rid of the people who are making decisions in this country. They appear to be clones of dinosaurs. Most have the mentality that veterans and their families are ignorant and can be ignored forever. We need to stand up to these decision makers and force them to make the right decisions about our lives. Get rid of them send them packing and put new reps in office.

  2. Robert P. Walsh says:

    Go electronic, then you just have to hit control alt delete.


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