Cushman Manual for Shreddergate Victims


No, this is not a manual on how to rebuild your Cushman, that you managed to find in your garage.   That manual is here.

This Cushman manual is for Veteran’s who have had evidence shredded and been denied, where the VA continues unabated it is quest to delay and deny until you die.

How do you know if you had shredded evidence?  An IRIS email inquiry is unlikely to result in, “Yes, JAV, we shredded your evidence and we were trying to find you and award your benefits that we so wrongly denied.”

Nooooo….Santa wont be coming until NEXT year.

You have to look for those subtle hints that the VARO shredded your evidence, because they will deny that until THEY die.

Things to look for:

1.  Why did they deny my claim citing a “lack of evidence” when I have it right here?

2.  Why isn’t my C file complete?  Why is it somehow missing that “Veteran friendly” doc’s report that said my malady was “at least as likely as not due to military service”?

3.  Why is my copy of my C file 1400 pages long, but the copy I requested from the VARO only 300 pages?

4.  Why did my copy of my C file have Bob Smith’s medical records in it when my name is JAV?   

5.  “Sniff it”.   If your claim “smells” like evidence has been shredded, it is probably true.  Many thousands of Veterans are victims of shreddergate, and most of these do not know it. Ask Nod readers, however, come armed with knowledge, not just how to detect shredding but what to do about it:

First, try a little “honey”.   Send an IRIS email, innocently asking, “Gee, how come you denied Service connection, when my Doc Friendly Vet, stated it was ” likely due to military service”  on an exam dated 11-21-04?

Next, pull out the 38 …. CFR 3.156 weapon, especially if you have already been awarded benefits and are seeking an earlier effective date.

Lastly, after a BVA denial,  get on your Cushman, and ride to the CAVC in Washington DC.  Get your lawyer on board, and let HIM drive the Cushman.

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3 Responses to Cushman Manual for Shreddergate Victims

  1. Calvin Winchell says:

    How about Saint Louis denying they had any inservice medical records from 2012 to 2015 then suddenly a backdoor search reveals they do exist in their possession? Then all lab values are somehow xeroxed over so the values cannot be read? At least shredding is complete? Oh, I’m so sorry as they stated it was their digitizing my records? And those xrays are continuing point unknown? Any and every human that would look at this reaches the same conclusion yet, no benefits to date! Hell, rebuilding a cushman would be great if the manual isn’t xeroxed over… the beat goes on…. disorganization charts more like it…

  2. Kiedove says:

    I like to see some VA organizational charts posted or linked to.

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