Conspiracy Theories

Yes.  I know.  Ask Nod does not like them.  I really don’t either.  However, just because multiple people are involved in committing crimes, does not necessarily mean that it is just a rumor.

When its in our own government, conspiracy theories are extra bad.  Some of you may have forgotten Watergate which resulted in the resignation of the President of the United States and the indictment of 43 high level officials, according to Wikipedia.

Back in 1974, every time the word “watergate” was mentioned, I turned off the tv.  This “conspiracy theory” will blow over and nothing will ever become of it.   Its just a bunch of disgruntled people blaming “government fraud” for their own bad choices in life.

Government fraud is for real..and our government knows about it enough to even reward those who report it.    Even then, some of it goes unpunished.

Fast forward to 2008 at our own Department of Veterans Affairs.  According to US News, 41 out of a possible 57 Regional Offices were caught shredding Veterans evidence.

Is this a “conspiracy theory”?   Probably. It meets the definition of conspiracy theory.  If you think that it’s not conspiracy, then the VA media office probably has a position for you.

Of course, it is possible that the employees involved  in each of  the 41  Regional Offices “acted alone” independently from each other.   If you think this, then you should buy lottery tickets to pay your rent due Sept. 1.   You will have a better chance with the lottery.

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